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Customer Agreement

The Server or Instance Management Team and the client agree to the terms outlined in this document for supporting their servers to be located in the Cloud or Allocated Server RGW IT SERVICES SPRL Supplier.

Terms of the Agreement

This SLA may be cancelled with 25 working/banking days written notification. Fees will be pro-rated to the end of the quarter in which service is terminated.


RGW IT SERVICES SPRL/BVBA Finance will bill clients monthly. Service fees begin on the first day of the month after the server or cloud instance installation begins. RGW IT SERVICES SPRL/BVBA Finance will complete a journal voucher (JV) transfer from the cost center provided in the client profile if any.

Service Overview

The RGW IT SERVICES SPRL/BVBA Supplier provides an environmentally secure location for housing servers and cloud instances and related equipment. RGW IT SERVICES SPRL/BVBA supplier provides rack space, power, cooling and network connectivity, including hostnames/IP addresses for the machine, 24x7. RGW IT SERVICES SPRL/BVBA will install, house and maintain the machine or cloud instance, including appropriate software, in an access controlled machine room in the co-location facility. RGW IT SERVICES SPRL/BVBA will monitor the system and provide support based on the Service Level described below.

  • Install and house the hardware
  • Monitor and maintain machine room environment
  • Maintain the machine including appropriate software
  • Setup and maintain an RGW IT SERVICES SPRL/BVBA Request Tracker (RT) Queue for each server SLA, to be used both for
  • Reporting problems and for tracking client initiated changes to the system.
  • Provide dual supply, non-UPS conditioned power
  • Provide network connectivity via a 1Gb/s switched connection
  • Register hostname(s)
  • Register IP address(es)
  • Monitor system to ensure server availability
  • Keep operator and client documentation
  • Conduct reboot and system status checking procedures
  • Act as hardware field service contact
  • Maintain hardware maintenance contract information
  • Install operating system and apply updates and patches
  • Liaison with Network Operations
  • Apply security patches
  • Provide support based on the Service Levels described below.
    • De-install old or replaced hardware if applicable.
    • Disposal of old equipment if applicable.

Server Access

Clients may access their servers remotely as a users with user level applications such as web apps, mobile apps or desktop apps. The Client is responsible for any changes made using remote connection. Any other root or administrator access is handle exclusively by RGW IT SERVICES SPRL/BVBA, if by any chance the customer handles the access to a 3rd party, RGW IT SERVICES is entitle to a year of service fees and the disolution of the agreement without any legal liability.