Say goodbye to manual actions

In logistics, many PDF’s, Excel’s, Word-files with order, shipping, invoice information are still sent by e-mail. This information then has to be retyped into your own system. This manual data entry is a waste of time and money and also causes quality problems. This results in delays, unnecessary waiting times, mistakes in operation and leads to irritation for everyone in the chain. This can easily be prevented.

Convert orders automatically

Simply Deliver has designed a powerful, cloud-based, plug & play module that can receive any type of file (PDF, Excel & Word), recognize the content and convert the order data into an order in your system in seconds.

Increase your productivity

The order processing module helps you to work in an efficient and structured way by processing orders automatically. This gives your employees more time to focus on things that are really important to your business. Working with the module increases customer satisfaction because your response time to customers about order & planning confirmation will increase tremendously!

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