€ 250 / Month

Multishot plus Plan Sigma One



Perfect for companies that will handle their own content and they have the following needs

  • Real time content update and change
  • They don't need to revise or review content before publication
  • They have a web or graphic designer in-house

This package includes

License and renewal licenses of its plugins and themes
  • Weekly updates of WordPress and Existing Plugins
  • 2 Paid plugins per year
  • Paid iSecurity subscription.
  • Server Security
  • Anti DDOS Attack
  • Access the backend from a single location (optional)
In case that you damage your wordpress, we will re-install it or recover it from an old version for you.
  • Dedicated Instance for your project / Not a shared hosting like GoDaddy, Wix, etc.
  • Weekly Backup.
  • 25 GB of Space up to 1 TB
  • Location chosen by you (Belgium, Holland, Germany, France)
  • DNS Setup & Management.
  • Google Validation.
  • Setup of Google Analytics.
  • Yoast Premium.
  • Update of your Yoast each month
  • Google SEO Snippets